Our Mission

When I founded "Historia Central" I had aspirations in the future to become an American history teacher. So I felt that starting early by helping people with Homework, Teaching, Making Documentaries, And even building a History community would help me and help others. Historia Central has a discord community, we create documentaries, and if asked we help teach and tutor. The goal for Historia Central is to help people learn history all across the world and for all of us to come together as a community.


Our Commitment to Tutoring

In our Historia Central discord server we run a tutoring organization where you have the option to be a tutor or even be paired with a tutor. We offer to tutor for History, Math, Science, English, Nutrition/Physical trainer and certain, etc foreign languages. All you have to do to become a tutor or receive help from a tutor is join the discord and fill out the necessary form that fits your goal in the Tutoring text channel of the discord. Also Historia Central does not charge anyone for tutoring it's all FREE! No tutor nor Historia Central shall receive any money from this. Our goal from this is to help people who are struggling in certain subjects and need Guidance.